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Originally Posted by tbss1 View Post
I herd that JN had 10, but they were charging 10,000 over MSRP, not sure if this is true or not, but Tommy at windward told me they were offering at MSRP.

Did any of you guys from Hawaii hear anything about getting your camaros.
I got my RS/2SS SIM Camaro at MSRP from Tommy Chan at Windward Servco
I tried JN Chevy before and he woundnt budge any less than $5000 above MSRP. After I found out that Windward lost thier Chevy Division, I followed Scotts advise and went to a chevy dealership. They remembered me because I gave them grief about the $5000 increase over MSRP while Servco is selling at MSRP. So he says see what happend when you try to get a cheap deal. Its normally not worth it. He said he would not waste histime to check it out.

So, here I am, not even knowng tthat I have a camaro on order. I'm upset, but guess god wanted me to buy a Dodge Challenger or a Ford Mustang. We shall see. I can hang on for a few more days... but gotta know if its even on order or if when the chevy division was cut, if they deleted the pre-orders?
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