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Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
Just a theoretical question for everyone. First, the background of my question.

The big benefit for Nitrous is the cooling/denser charge of air&fuel, leading to more power. But this is a short term technique. You don't run a car on Nitrous 100% of the time.

TC and SC, on the other hand, run 100% of the time. They force more air&fuel into the engine, but in a sustainable fashion. They also are 10X more expensive.

Methanol injection is a technique that's new to me, but I understand it basically cools the intake charge. Not sure if this has any horsepower increase, or if its ONLY a detonation prevention tool. But I know when people want to maximize their output, they add Methanol to Forced Induction

So, suppose someone wanted to run a cooler and/or denser charge 100% of the time, but not necessarily at the level of TC or SC? What if someone just wanted to gain say, 50 HP? Would there be a theoretical way of using methanol as a much safer alternative to Nitrous? Again, I have no idea if Meth gives ANY gain in and of itself. This is just a curiosity question. Just idle curiosity I thought I'd pass to the group at large to see what you thought.

Methanol can not be added with out tuning since it is a fuel. It is not a power adder however. The increase in power will really come from the ability to add timing via the octane increase. Nothing like the gains of nitrous. Also you said "much safer" curious in what sense and why you think that? Might be able to get some good discussion going.

Originally Posted by scrming View Post
You can run meth on your car but to really use it you will need a tune. Adding meth also increases the octane rating of your gas, so to increase your power you will also need to increase your timing. You will seem some HP gain, just not sure how much... Don't think you'll get 50 HP out of it..
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