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Originally Posted by Graham@Nitrousoutlet View Post
Methanol can not be added with out tuning since it is a fuel. It is not a power adder however. The increase in power will really come from the ability to add timing via the octane increase. Nothing like the gains of nitrous. Also you said "much safer" curious in what sense and why you think that? Might be able to get some good discussion going.
Well, this is a new topic for me. So forgive any errors in advance. Here's my archair quarterback thoughts:
1. Cooling intake air means denser charge = more power.
2. Methanol is a fuel, so it ofsets the additional air with the extra fuel = not going lean.
3. Cooler charge means more timing advance = more power
4. Methanol is NOT as high pressure as Nitrous, so it's safer to run 100% of the time, which can't be run 100% (even if it were legal).

That was the basis for my question. Realistically, I would guess running methanol would give maybe 20 HP, which is really just the HP lost due to heat soak combined with a few extra from the extra air and Fuel. But I figured "why not" and opened up the question to the group.

I haven't checked out the source you listed, but I will this evening. Anything relevant, I'll post here. Uhm, which corvette forum??

By the way, Snow performance also has a Nitro booster that they CLAIM adds 30 to 50 HP on top of the methanol. But the amounts are 3 to 5 bottles per reseviour fill. That's $100 per pop (3 X $31), so not cost effective for 100% use. But it seems an option for maybe a last bit tweak for a track day?? Meh, just thought I'd toss it into the conversation as well.
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