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Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
1. Cooling intake air means denser charge = more power.

Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
2. Methanol is a fuel, so it ofsets the additional air with the extra fuel = not going lean.
There is no additional air, unless you think methanol is going to magically create some.

Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
3. Cooler charge means more timing advance = more power
MAYBE if you were dyno tuned around it, in a super hot climate. For 98% of people, it would be zero difference, as ambient air generally isn't very hot compared to compressed air.

Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
4. Methanol is NOT as high pressure as Nitrous, so it's safer to run 100% of the time, which can't be run 100% (even if it were legal).
Methanol isn't pressurized at all, it's a liquid and has to be pumped...
Methanol is flammable, nitrous is not.
You also made a double negative in your sentence but I'm going to assume you meant to say it's safer to run 100% of the time and nitrous isn't, in which case it still wouldn't make any sense. 100% of wide open throttle maybe? How is that any different then nitrous? Both will run out (methanol tank will last longer)

Originally Posted by mpiper View Post
By the way, Snow performance also has a Nitro booster that they CLAIM adds 30 to 50 HP on top of the methanol. But the amounts are 3 to 5 bottles per reseviour fill. That's $100 per pop (3 X $31), so not cost effective for 100% use. But it seems an option for maybe a last bit tweak for a track day?? Meh, just thought I'd toss it into the conversation as well.
I don't even know where to start here. Nitromethane has no business anywhere near a street car. (and again, tuning issues required to support it, volatility, shelf stability, hygroscopic tendency)

This is a pointless mod on a n/a car. Period. You might see 5hp on a HOT (100 degree) day for $600-1000 in parts, labor, and tuning to support it. You can find 5hp a lot cheaper elsewhere without all the baggage and ridiculousness of this idea.
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