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Originally Posted by DETROIT2010Camaro View Post
Been a "behind the scenes viewer" for a while now, but since its time now...I said it was time to join and get my questions answered....

Is there a official discount thread??? I would like a thread that would help us get as much money off as possible!!! So far everybody knows about Employee Discount, Supplier Discount, and the 4.5% Credit Union Discount....but is there anymore discounts and/or rebates that we can Combine with other discounts??

It would be great to go in and get a SS at least $5000( or more) off MSRP!!!

So can we all help each other with Discounts and post them here...

You won't be seeing that much until next summer at the earliest.

Also, the Credit Union discount isn't 4.5% off the price. It's the same price as the suppliers discount.
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