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Originally Posted by LoPerformance Motorsports View Post
That is just to cool!!! Nice to see a dad that does things like that for there kids, and have fun working on something at the same time. Most folks are to busy to enjoy there kids, and watch them grow up. Awsome Dad's are hard to find, these days!!! Awsome dude!!
Well she is my first child and she always likes to be around me when im working on my car so thats when i decided to work on her's and let her help me. lol.

Originally Posted by Sevn86 View Post
That's awesome! Btw how's the gas mileage on ur wife's car? I really want to get one but I'm scared about the cost for gas.
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Its not that bad it has 24" wheels, cold air intake, and a performance tune, and it still gives from 16 to 19 mpg depending on the drive.

Originally Posted by Amenti View Post
LOL, congratulations on Camaro of the Week!

I dont know about it being COTW but people sure like it.

Thank you all for replying and the best thing is that all of you guys have liked it so far. Took my daughter's car and mine to a car show. if you guys like to see the pics go to the camaro photo forum and they are under car show pictures.
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