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Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
I'm very sorry to see all of you who are having issues with these vibration issues. I have escalated this to my technical department once before and the answer I got back was that for the V6 vehicles it could be the tires or the wheels (or a combination of both) or aftermarket accessories (and other things of that nature). For the V8's it could be the AFM and those problem parts for the V6 as well. This is not a definitive list of possibilities. I would suggest getting your balance and alignments checked to make sure there isn't something wrong with the way the vehicle is setup. Then I would move on to some of the other things on the list that may be suspect as well. Once again I'm sorry to see so many of you having trouble with this and I have checked multiple times and have been unable to find any kind of documentation that would suggest there is an issue with the vehicle outside of what I've given you here.

Jeff Morris, Chevrolet Customer Service
thank you jeff but i notice its more a transmission issue cause when i drive in manual mode it happens when the car bogs or gets down in low RPM worse in automatic

like i mentioned before its like the car is hestent to shift like its trying to save fuel or something if i am in manual no problum i can just tap boom lower gear im learning the shift points

is this normal?

*edit* again around the 40 to 45 mph mark it seems like its up one gear too high for the speed its at though i could be wrong i know this car (like most cars) is built to shift quickly to get up gears fast as possible to save you gas thats why i like manual better i can upshift slower but anyhoo lol typeing too much here

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