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Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
My dyno slip, Pretty cool. Almost where I want to be.

And I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale too!
Dude you wasn't supposed to show that yet, We were gonna Race some people, Guess now we can't

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
When John and I fixed Randy's car:
Yes Norm is again letting out our secrets of how we made 700 on his car, guess we will end up opening our own shop.

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
This is a dog's skeleton

We were looking for Norms Keys since the dog ate them

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
My car at G 15 with my AAC sidemarkers. Saweeet!

Some Vengeance builds (extreme!)

Guess who at the Vengeance booth?

American Pride is so cool. Pictures give you an idea, but looks so great in person!
In all honesty the AAC sidemarkers are kiler, they look great on both Randy's and Norms car

Yes good Ole Dr Jkel was at Vengance, they really do great work

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
BFT you started (or Dr Jkel started) your build thread!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripes on your hood!!

And your dyno sheet... is... unbelievable!
Em, I hd been trying to get Norm to make a thread for awhile because hiscar has ALOT of great things he has done, So what it is a V-6, ( It as over 700 rwhp) So I finally made a thread and figured I could entice him in to posting in his thead, Now I am afraid he won't come back to mine, LOL

Originally Posted by dianeokie View Post
So, I need to throw my 2 cents in here.....I am owed a ride in this car, and I will not be quiet until I get one! Norm drank waaaay to much and couldn't drive at the F-body

Seriously, he has done some great stuff to his car

If you guys want to be post whores, you can post in my build thread too
DIANE, reminds me of the girl from Cheers, now that I think about it we have NORM and DIANE, I guess I could be Cliff, LMAO BUt YEs Norm has asked and I have approved the "HO Pirate Booty Boom Box" for a ride in the 700 rwhp V-6, just wait till you see our next round of mods.

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Oh hey, just noticed, I got supercharged cars visiting here. Very cool. I fixed Randy's supercharger. Wiring diagram on page #1
Wait one secong MISTER what do you mean YOU fixed, NO NO NO NO WEyes I am French, Totally fixed him up.
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