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Wow, lots of good info.

Can a dry shot be left activated all the time? I was under the impression that a dry shot wasn't too smart for this engine, since the nitrous would hit the engine before the extra fuel (but then again we're talking a small amount, not a 100 shot). I also thought Nitrous was "technically" for the track only. If this could safely be available during daily driving, I'd be very interested.

Scrming, I'm dying to do the IAT relocate, but don't want to cut the stock wire harness. Last time I checked, there wasn't a plug-and-play kit yet. But once I see one, I'm buying. Regardless of any other upgrades I add.

Is the VMAX throttle body in production yet SC2150? I've been following that thread and plan on doing it. Especially since it helps with the dead spot. But I'm waiting for the first round to get installed and feedback given before I start budgeting.

Lastly, Where can I get info on the chiller? Is there a website or anything? Depending on cost, that might be a nice, unusual solution that can be adapted when a supercharger finally makes its way over to us V6s. Especially since the most likely candidate is a centrifugal style.

We seem to have gone far afield from the original methanol question. So, to raise that again, here's a question: If I get a tune from Trifecta and have him dial in based on the higher octane. Would that combination see more than his current 13 HP increase? This is obviously not in the same category as the E85 conversion, but that netted around 30 HP I think. Would methanol and the tune net around 20?

Here's a potential setup (maybe ):
1. VMAX Throttlebody
2. Trifecta tune
3. Nitrous shot (50-75) (track use only, maybe)
4. Methanol injection
5. IAT relocated to after bend in the intake tube, around 4-6 inches behind meth nozzle.

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