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Ok so I have been doing a lot of speculating as to when I'm going to do a lot of this stuff

But I think I am confident enough to say that by the end of this summer I plan to have these things moved from Wish List to What I have on the Car...

Halo Headlights
White SS Badges(maybe) I have been throwing these up in the air for a while..
BMR Springs(at least the rears by the end of this summer... b/c my front is already pretty low, we shall see what the money looks like)
New Spoiler LED brake light
Headers(a BIG!! maybe lol)

Hopefully I will have enough from cutting grass(this is all I can find right now haha) to get all this done before the summer if not most of it.. Then my modding will stop so my funds can recuperate.. Hopefullly I can keep the cutting grass thing going for a while haha.. My Dad pays me to cut, and weed eat all of our lawn(front,back yard, and a big ass lot next to our house) and I have some neighbors I am going to start cutting for.

Now back to our regularly scheduled ing of things we want to do to our cars!
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