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Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
Nightfall, I just looked through some documentation and found a diagnosis guideline for vibrations in the driveline/transmission which should help in pinning down what you and others are experienceing. You may want to check in with your dealership and see if you can reproduce the vibration for them and see if they know of this document. Unfortunately I can't get any more specific than "this document". I hope that helps you.

Jeff Morris, Chevrolet Customer Service
"this document" so i go into my dealer and go i know "this document" about driveline/transmission? weird lol im confused on what i should talk to my dealer about

and i have brought it in once befor acouple weeks ago and one of there techs drove with me and he felt it too and i brought it back down acouple days later to have it checked out

they ran a full test on it he sereched for recall parts ect ect found nothing

then they had a white 1LT RS on the lot i took that out for a test drive and felt the same vibration but not nearly as bad as on mine so its a mystery

so what would you suggest if i brought it back to the dealer to ask or tell them to look for?

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