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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
As far as anything "Camaro related", maybe the 'vert, but anything else 'Camaro', I think GM will hold onto that a while yet. What you read on message boards, re; "two things Camaro", some of it is just speculation.

True. Like the rest of us, I'm overrun with anticipation for this thing to come out. However, I have read on another message board that ALCOA wheel manufacturing has already received an order from GM for 450,000 Camaro rims to be built ASAP. Combine that, with the protype testing going on now in Australia, seems like its moving very fast. They are definitely fast tracking the car as much as possible.

On the contrary, we hear absolutely nothing about prototype testing and contracts for the Dodge Challenger, and they are scheduled to go into production next year with an early 2008 release to dealers. Seems like the Camaro is progressing alot faster. Strange.
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