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My wife had a maroon 2000 V6 Mustang. To be honest, I don't recall a thing I liked about it...well, maybe that it was my wifes car and not mine. It wasn't a "piece" at all. In fact, it ran great and was well taken care of. It just wasn't right for me...flat seats, no knee room on the right leg against the center console (I'm 603), rear "bench seat", IMO poor styling. Nah...I'd pass on one. I did see only ONE Mustang from that era that I liked and it was a Cobra...deep blue purple kinda color. It had enormous meats on the back and personalized plates that had something to do w/ the snake. That was a sweet ride... Forgot to mention the old Mach 1 Mustang. I don't recall what year it was built, but it had the fast back on it..single window at an almost horizontal level. That was a pretty nice Mustang too. A buddy of mine in high school was all happy when he bought his fixer up Mach 1. It looked good from the outside, but was rust on the inside. Of course, at the time we didn't was a rockin ride. Now, that things probably eaten itself up.

A couple guys I work with have the new Mustang. One guy has the Maroon w/ wht stripes Roush Stage 1. It's a pretty sweet ride, but shoulda come w/ a standard more hp than just a body kit. The other guys got an all black GT.

GM says they are going to price the Camaro similar to that of the be competitive. What are Ford fans paying for their GT's nowadays?
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