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Derek, but you do understand what the concept of a lightweight car is? I mean, putting a 3.6 Liter V6 in it isn't the way to go, imho. And yes, I know that Lotus will offer the Elise with the Evora's V6 engine next year, but all the Lotus drivers here are running mad about that. The car gets way too heavy. I run my Elise-based Opel Speedster Turbo with about 300hp now, at exactly 1950 lbs now (still getting lighter). Still the GM 2.0 V4 ecotec engine which came by factory, only changed turbo and some other stuff. Going to rebuild the engine in winter, swapping turbo to BorgWarner EFR and heading for about 400-450hp with still superb handling in the alps. So basically I get the same power as you do with the V6, but still saving a damn lot of weight. I wish you all the best for your project, but I am concerned that you can't keep the 2100lbs. Keep us informed!
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