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Originally Posted by HooliganZ View Post
Actually....he is comparing NA V8 to NA V8....which is exactly as it should be.
Originally Posted by HooliganZ View Post
One could argue that the "top model" Camaro has not been released yet!
PERSONALLYy i feel you cant compare any higher to the GT500 unless you have the (dare i say it) Z28. the GT500 is in a different price range as well

IMO The SS and GT are the Competitors if you go by engine & price range (i realize the price of the GT is less than the SS but the GT500 is relatively higher) again this is my opinion and thats how i compare the cars

Originally Posted by JMAN311 View Post
You not thinking it's fair to compare a 2010 GT with a 1SS is what's silly
Even on the low side of pricing it's only about a $2K difference. I guess if you'd rather not spend the xtra $2K for more power and a better looking car that's your personal preference.
Lol SILLY RICER WINGS ARE FOR PLANES! :flag1: :flag2: :flag1: :flag2:

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