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7 PM's when I get home....and another 10 or so reported posts...(not to mention my regular emails I need to check)

I answer every pm least I try...and that takes time.

Then, I go to the reported posts....and try to do what's best. Usually, and this is because I get on the puter a little later than the other mods, the reported posts have been taken care of. But sometimes they have not been. 45 min to an hour later, after re-reading the back and forth, a decision is made and the post/thread taken care of...or no action is taken at all...or, a pm is sent...etc. This takes time.

I LOVE being a does Moose and the others...

But this drama has to stop! The calling....I mean....geesh.....

Let's do our best to be nice! I'd love to just be able to sit down and READ stuff and watch new videos....

I'd like to remind everyone here that we can discuss just about anything here. The reason we could go into some very "hot topics" are because we are respectful of other peoples opinions and stances. Agree to disagree and move on, basically. It's rather simple. The majority of the topics that cause recent problems have not been the topics themselves...but rather the way in which people go about discussing them. The message is not in and of itself a bad's how the message is conveyed to the reader.

Be careful of what you say. Be careful of HOW YOU SAY IT.

C'mon folks...let's have some respect for ALL people here and enjoy what's this site is all about!
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