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Originally Posted by B1G-AL View Post
I agree with those above me, these guys seem to bash on the Camaro as if it should be living up to the build quality of a Porsche. Otherwise these were decent reviews!
Agreed, car reviews do tend to lean that way. If it's not a Lexus it's somehow inadequate, never mind that to get that kind of quality you have to pay extra which most people can't afford and a lot of people don't want to even if they can. Some of those reviews are insightful enough to point out it's a muscle car - why not just stop there?

It's like the movie reviews I've been reading for Captain America - for some critics, if it's not "Gone With The Wind" it deserves a bad review. On the road or in the theater, the idea that some people value pure fun over fun diluted for the sake of pampering and deep thoughts just escapes some people.
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