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Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Are they gonna tear down your dash like they did with Speedster's car for the cage? Good luck on board out there. Praying for smooth seas, arrrrr...... Sea jargon (yeah I'd be the guy looking for a bucket of A.I.R.)
Nope, no tearing down of the dash... On this kit, the down tubes run down right next to the dash... Thats why I want to see them in place before we weld them in. If I dont like the look, or it makes it too inconvienent to get in and out of the car, we may tear the dash down and go through there... Time will tell... The Six point roll bar may be mostly installed before I get home, but Corey is holding off on the halo and downtubes until I'm there to look at it... I wont be running that fast of a pass until I get my diff anyway...

Thanks for the well wishes on the weather... There is no whistling on this rig right now... whistling up a wind is a bad thing...
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