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No decision has been made yet that has been made public. Chevy needs to build it in my opinion, I've already put my name on a list with my dealer, if they build it, I have their first allocation for one.
I think the earliest we will see one will be in the 2013 model year, GM needs to stop listening to the bean counters when it comes to the fun cars, the bean counters have been GM's down fall since the early 70's, GM designs a cool fun car and then the bean counters take the fun out of it by the time it's production ready and it doesnt sell. Then they take the credit for saving GM money, instead of leaving it fun, having it sell well ad making money.
I'm glad the bean counters didnt mess up the 5th gen so far, but GM NEEDS TO BUILD THE ZL1 CONVERTIBLE, preferably in a real nice bright blue.
I hope you're listening GM/Chevy.
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