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I agree with the article- the V-6 is really the revolutionary engine: 4 OHC, 4 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing- very 21st Century. THAT is what will keep the car alive for the crowd that wants a car in the 20's with good performance and great looks, not the V-8. I'll probably get the SS with its 20th century pushrod technology (except for the roller cam) but that's just because I am old school. But a lot of young people now think in terms of 4 and 6 cylinders- this car competes well and will peel off some Toyota/Honda/Nissan people that also think the car looks great.

This is the kind of thinking that will make American car makers competitive again. Imagine a world where you see as many Camaros in Tokyo as Hondas in Cleveland. It's possible.
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