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Originally Posted by manimsoblack View Post
I don't know if they're any way to say this that doesn't sound disrespectful (it's not how i want to sound) , but i think you're maybe just a bit too old fashioned for this car.
- They're only a year behind Dodge and Ford never quit the segment so several years late is a bit of an exaggeration.
- There's not much wiggle room weight wise with the Zeta platform, the two lightest cars are the camaro and g8, and making a new platform just for this car was out of the question for a cash strapped company.
- I may be wrong but i assumed the reason the battery was in the trunk was for weight distribution. And I don't see how it makes any difference to us, the consumer.
- As far as the tires go it's common place for sports cars to have different sized front and rear tires. Wider in back for grip/traction skinnier up front to be able to turn without rubbing the inside of the fender well. And i don't see what the problem is with the price to replace them, the tires for my old Regal were $125 a piece these are about $136-$140.
- Yeah the spoiler thing is a bit annoying but if you really do or don't want it you can change it yourself.
- VCM? I'll assume you meant AFM and that you can tune it out. Probably cost you less that $200.

I mean i really don't see the big deal about any of your gripes with the exception of the weight and spoiler. I could understand if you didn't like the interior layout. Or the trunk opening was too small. Or you though it looked like poo. But for the price this is a hell of a car. I just don't get how someone would say, "i didn't get the car cause battery is in the back. " "the hood is aluminum" "the tire and wheel packages are different from what i'm used to" etc.
I don't see it as disrespectful at all. Maybe old-fashioned and maybe just have a different set of values when it comes to buying a car or spending my money. If it were not for the issues I mentioned (issues that are important to me, but perhaps not to others) I would buy a camaro for myself. I owned an 07 GT mustang and it was a great car. I almost bought a shelby last year, but bought a cts instead - at the request of the misses. My son wants a hyundai genesis coupe - although I am particular about how I spend my money and it hurts to the bone to buy a hyundai, I will honor his wants. But that is why there are so many brands - we all have different tastes. I wish the camaro enthusiasts lots of luck. I owned a 327/250 hp camaro a long time ago and would give my cts for it in a heartbeat.
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