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Savini Wheels -Beware!

Yes Sports fan this issue has rose it's ugly head again. Mods if this is in the wrong section please move it to the right place. I figured since it was wheels I would put it in the wheels section.

I am going to tell you about the ordeal I am going through with my wonderful Savini Sv 21 wheels.

I will say this they LOOK great and I get ALOT of compliments on these wheels. This would be fine if I didn't want to drive my car.

When Randy ( PQ) had his wheels vibration issues, I along with alot of members were on his side because their ( Savini ) claims were absolutely crazy. SO after me voicing my opinion along with several member Savini APPEARED to have took care of Randy.

Savini is the maker of a High End Custom 3 piece forged wheel. They are supposed to be a very quality product.

Be a vocal person that can not stand people who get screwed I voiced my opinion many times about what I though of their practices and service. So close after Savini SUPPOSEDLY took care of Randy, I was contacted by Savini ( Nick) about buying a set of Savini Wheels of course at a reduced price.

Nick ( Savini) stated that the issues of quality had been addressed, steps taken to resolve those issues. He assured me that if I would allow Savini to put a set of wheels on my car that I would be COMPLETELY satisfied. So after much thought, I agreed.

The reason I agreed is I have common sense. I understand that not everything can be 100% correct 100% of the time, and that while I understand that things happen it is more important how issues are resolved in the end.

So Nick from Savini set the wheels in motion, HE chose a vendor for me to deal with since I was getting the " Sweetheart " deal. Fine, it really does not matter to me because everything will be ok, Right?

Some of the issues on Randy's wheels were that alot of blame was placed on the people who mounted and balanced the tires. " They damaged the wheels" and basically looked at Randy as it was his fault.

So as to alleviate this issue, I told him that when the wheels came to me, I wanted them mounted, balanced, tpms sensors in so all I would have to do is bolt them up. How hard could that be? Simplify the whole deal cut out any blame, whew glad that is taken care of.

So I plop down my money, order the wheels from BFXAuto in California, all the time everyone understands that WHEEL VIBRATION is my #1 PRIORITY.

I also sent e-mails and they agreed that if any issues arose that I would not be the one paying shipping back and forth to California, as was in Randy's, and a few others case. I also let them know that I would not play this back and forth game with the wheels and that IF any issues arose that they would have ONE chance to rectify the situation and if that did not fix the issues then I wanted a refund. So everyone assured me that there would not be any problems.

So I wait for the wheels and they arrive. The wheels are very dirty when I get them. OK got dirty in transit, I can clean them. So I take them home, spend a good bit of time cleaning these wheels up. I notice that no lugnuts are on th epallet. BFX and he said it was an oversight. OK , I can believe that, someone simply left a box off the pallet. BFX said he would "OVERNIGHT" them to me. Ok what's a day. 5 days later they arrive. Not a real good overnight service, but I'm good they are here so I get everything ready, ,jack up my car, take the stock wheel off and guess what?
They sent the WRONG size lugnut, now I am irritated. Call BFX, no answer it is Friday so I decide to just go buy some locally. Mind you lugnuts were in the original deal.

So finally get the wheels on the car and guess what????? You guess correct, they vibrate. Now I am more than irritated. I finally get ahold of BFX and he has the wheels picked back up and sent to Savini. This last about 3 1/2 weeks and the great response from Savini is.........."They are in tolerance and everything is good to go". So the wheels are sent back to me.

Of course I bolt them back up and you know what........They Vibrate. I contact BFXAuto and let him know they vibrate and that I just want my money back, says he really doesn't have the money to refund mine.?????WTF is this. He tries to get me to see if someone locally can balance the wheels on the car.

Well knowing the issues that Randy had, the blame game that went around about someone damaging the wheels I knew I had to find a high end shop , preferably that sold Savini Wheels to look at these things.

So I actually found a shop near Atlanta ( a 2/12 hour drive from me) that was recommended by Vengeance Racing, a place called Butler Tire. They sell A LOT of high end wheels to incluse Savini and trust me they are far more expensive cars than mine there.

I make an appointment and make the trek over to Butler. They spend 2 1/2 hours trying to get these things balanced. They SHOW me that the wheels are NOT hubcentric and that is part of the problem. They index the tires
on the wheels and rebalance them, then they high speed balance them on the car....225.00 later they are done. Guess what...still vibrate. Butler took alot of the vibration out but they still vibrate, Kinda like saying you are a LITTLE PREGNANT, either you are or are not. Either these wheels vibrate or they do not.

So I contact BFXAUTO, Nick at Savini and TU from Savini about these wheels. I basically tell them I just want a refund and we well call it even. No One from Savini contacted me back, NOONE.

Well of course they do not want to do that. I even had the Butler Rep I dealt with contact Savini and he let them know about these wheels. NO Blaming John on this one.

NOW BFXAUTO wants me to send the wheels back , AGAIN, to Savini so they can be checked. SUPPOSEDLY they are going to re-drill the centers???????? because they are not hubcentric and place some type of centering ring in the center and hopefully this will FIX the issue.

Of course like PQ my car will sit on jack stands during this process and it really irritates me that the first time the wheels went back that they didn't make sure they were right. Not to mention after the whole PQ ordeal that they did not ENSURE they were right the FIRST time.

They are supposed to be picked up this Friday and returned to me on 8/9/11.

My hope is that they get this issue rectified, but like many others on this forum Savini has been less than forthcoming about their service and the way they treat the vendors. I am sure other will chime in about their experiences.

I am giving BFXAuto a chance to have this issue fixed once and for all one last time. This thread is not intended to bash any specific vendor or manufactuor but to let you know what happened to me and the problems that I have been through all because I wanted a nice set of wheels.

As upset as I am about this issue I do not want this thread closed as I think it is GREAT Information for this interested in purchasing wheels.
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