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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
My issue is well documented on this site and with anyone who knows me and driven the car and seen the paint falling off and everyone who sees me at shows and such.

I'm still the butt end of the jokes with my family and freinds. When asked what I paid for the wheels I'd tell them and then defend myself by saying "You get what you pay for",,,,,, THAT only made it worse. They quickly all point out my saga.

Now any time there is a part of any particular conversation of 'worth' it's always "I wouldn't pay that much for that, try Randy, he'll buy it" and the jokes just keep coming.

I'll give it to Savini. They tried to help me. Reluctantly and with pressure, they did try. But they just flat out make a shitty product. I've tried to think as pssitive as I can. Even try and convince myself that it's normal. But it isn't. Just ask the members here who have driven my car.

Maybe they just see the Camaro as a bunch of mulletheads who don't know any better so they cut corners? Who knows. But a set of cheapo 22inch wheels from Rent&Roll perfomed better on my car than my Savinis.

I've been quiet on the boards since they remade two of the wheels and Rent and Roll said they looked good and they are much better as a whole but the first two seem to be the unnoticed culprits now. I told Savini they were good enough and I stand by that as far as vibration. Acceptable. But it's up to you if you want to pay this kind of money for 'Acceptable'.

The paint and finish is another story. EVERYONE I know who has bought Savini has had to refinish their wheels or deal with shitty finish.

I got nothing to gain by my comments here. I just don't want anyone to have the buyers remorse that I do. If you just HAVE to spend a ton on custom wheels DO NOT buy Savini wheels.

Sometimes you just get screwed in life. And sometimes you realize that you bought a shitty product and there is a point where you realize that they are incapable of helping you. I did'nt even address the shitty paint with them because I was just DONE with it. (I had them fix a paint problem the first time they went back becaue they were gonna have them anyway)

I've bought a LOT of things from vendors on this site and have had problems with some. I'm a VERY patient person. But Savini is a HORRIBLE product for the money. For whatever reason, they really do mail it in in quality and performance.
You are so correct sometime you just get the shaft, MAYBE this time the issue will be fixed but their track record has not been the best on wheel issues. If they get it right the first time then you are good to go but if there is an issue it always is a problem.

Maybe I will just be stuck with a bad set of wheels and have to learn to live with the fact of getting hosed, BUT IF I DO have to I will ensure everyone knows the issues I have been through so that the same mistake hopefully won't befall someone else.

Who knows maybe they got their stuff straight and this will be fixed appropriately, just dont know at this point in time.

I would suggest that I will NEVER buy another set of wheels over the net, it will be a face to face transaction.Ant they definitely will not get paid until I drive my car first.
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