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Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
Savini was at a recent event here in So. Cal. and one of our group was considering wheels from them. I don't have any experience with Savini, but just reading the people who have, I warned him to check out the threads for complaints and tread carefully, so they probably lost a sale that day. It sucks to pay a lot and not get quality product in return.
I know a lot of people out there. Mainly from this forum. Lot of people who are kinda tight with the Savini guys. So I don't give this negative info lightly. It's the only product I've spoken this way about. (as far as the product it's self) And yet I feel compelled to.

If you consider the odds of a product being problematic, you consider a middle of the road product to have some problems but not a lot. You consider a product that is supposed to be THE BEST. That you pay THE MOST for, you figure that problems would be few and far between. And yet everyone I personaly know who bought Savini wheels have had issues. Some less vocal than others. And I know of no less than 4 people OTHER than myself. That's 100% have had issues and MULTIPLE issues.

The product is a sham. Plain and simple. My paint was put on top of shiny chrome.

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