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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
GM stated it was a 1900, which is the same set CTS-V has now. The upper plenum is different, even though the upper plenums from ZR1, CTS-V, and I imagine ZL1 are interchangable. Some details to consider are the intercooler hose routing and cowl clearance. Anyways, it would be nice for GM to stuff the 2300 from LS9 onto LSA, but my hopes aren't high. Magnuson has posted that the 1900 rotor set is good to 800 horsepower, so there's still a fair amount of headroom and you gotta' know that GM isn't hardly leaning on it in the 9 psi boost it is with CTS-V.
I'm sure he's just speaking out of the Eaton promotional info that goes into the advantages of the TVS design vs the traditional like still found on the GT500's. I don't think its going to be making any more hp then the CTS-V

I like most everything about it, but couldn't they save the gold bow tie on the steering wheel for the cobalt and put a ZL1 logo on the steering wheel just like they use to so with the first gen SS, RS, ect?
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