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Changing Rear Differential Fluid

I'm at 9,300 KM or 5,800 Miles and after changing my oil a few months back, I thought I would go ahead and change the rear differential fluid.

First off the fluid smells horrible, OMFG. I gagged so much, maybe my nose is sensitive, but this fluid, both old & new smell so bad.

I'm attaching some pictures for you all to see how simple it really is to change this fluid.

1. Put the rear tires up on jacks.
2. Loosen the top & bottom bolts with a socket wrench but leave the bolts in.
3. Use your fingers to remove the top/fill bolt.
4. Use your fingers to remove the bottom/empty bolt. Into a catch can of course.
5. Drain until empty.
6. Clean the bolts with a rag.
7. Tighten the bottom bolt back into place
8. I maneuvered the bottle of AC Delco 75W 90 and squeezed until the plastic bottle was empty.
9. Tighten the top bolt.
10. Clean your hands cause they smell like a$$.

Pretty simple process, about 30mins total and now I feel more proud of my car cause I did it myself & I saved a few dollars.
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