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You know Norm brought up a good point about these wheels or specifically Savini Wheels.

Butler Tire said that they had not seen any issues with Savini Wheels before, several othe HIGH END Shops, I mean who have actual stores, I contacted said that they haven't seen any issues. Now they all could be telling me a lie, but Norm proposed that Savini knows there bread and butter is these high end shops who sell a ton of wheels.

He also suggests that Savini KNOWS they can not send substandard wheels to those vendors, SO when they get a set of wheels that are not 100% correct they remake them for the high end stores and set the "Blems" to the side.

Now once some internet shopper/forum buyer comes along they pass off these not exactly right wheels off on them knowing it is so hard to get any resolution. Savini claims they are "Custom" and once you have them they are yours, or that is what they tell these vendors. Since they are" Discounting the wheels they make the vendor eat the discount and the vendor is really not making any money off the wheels. They makes their money on tires, lugnuts, mounting etc... So when it goes bad Savini washes their hands of it, tell the vendor " You knew they were custom" and leaves the vendor holding the bag and since the vendor did not really make any money off the wheels they have no play in refunding peoples money. Savini plays the " In tolerance " game all the while the customer is getting screwed.

Makes alot of sense.
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