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Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Uggghhh. All my fun driving is on twisty, narrow two laners. The G8 is said to feel like it magically shrinks in the turns. Edmunds says the Camaro feels even bigger than it is in the turns. Now this is two reviews saying the same thing. I think I'm out of luck. It also doesn't help that apparently the interior quality won't be an upgrade for me. Not good. Not good at all.

I notice in your profile that you drive a 70 cutlass and a cobalt. ( I myself drive a G5 which is the same thing)

I think you have nothing to worry about driving on a twisty road, as neither of those machines are cornering maniacs, either.

I don't mean that in an offensive way, if it comes out sounding like that. Just saying no way it will handle worse than something from the 70s or a FWD economy sport coupe.
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