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yes, if you see too much of the "sexy hips" then you will have a bigger blind spot, which sounds like it's a major problem. The mustang is hard to drive for the same reason, the little rear-quarter windows will only give you a little flash of color if something bright and shiny is there. If they could have made the camaro like the concept without the b-pillars then just turning you head would be easy.

The rear visibility is getting worse on all cars these days with higher decks and especially spoilers on top of those even on cars like Cobalt. You can't see much out of the back of that car with the spoiler. You can't see anything at all out of the back of the subaru STI with its enormous rice wing.

Or how bout this? Buy one with a sunroof, keep it open, and mount a huge rice wing on the roof, with a polished chrome bottom, and use that as your rear-view mirror! Style and substance. haha.

But I can say, that if you see ceiling fabric, then you either have your rear-view mirror poorly adjusted, or you are sitting too low, which would give you an angle looking up to the ceiling, just scooting your chair up will give you a more rearward view, and increase forward visibility too (over the hood cowl).

Sitting in my friends mustang, on the passenger side, there is very little visibility, but when I drove it I noticed the driver seat is much higher and its a good bit better visibility that way, maybe just cause passenger side doesn't adjust, but the ride will seem lower to the passenger. This is why they have the 6-way power DRIVER Seat.
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