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I have had 3 black cars over the past 18 years. There is no doubt, when it looks good, it is the best looking color. But man, it is a pain to keep looking good. Now in my mid-40's, I dont want to spend the time taking care of paint like this ever again. This is why I chose SIM. I have a silverstone Impala, very close to the same color, and it is very easy to keep clean. Keeping black awesome is very, very hard, especially for a daily driver. I always used the Mequires packages, using #7 for swirl remover, then #26 wax. When applying the polish or wax, you can apply in a circular motion, but when removing, go in straight lines, never stopping in the middle of a panel, don't try and get all the wax off in 1 or 2 passes, use many very delicate passes, going from start of 1 panel to the end of the panel in straight lines. This will help tremendously with the web effect.
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