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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
zero'd out.

aligned at the dealership back to stock.

I think I can find the print out.
No need. The OE specs have rear camber at -1 degree or more. That means you are luanching on the inside shoulder and not the full tire contact patch. Get back to the Dealer and have him set your car up to these GTAHVIT specs.

Front Camber -1
Front Toe 0
Rear Camber 0
Rear Toe In .05

Do you have Pedders extended range alignment bolts?
Have you timed your bushes?

Timing your 5th Gen Bushes

Step 1. Pull the car up on to a drive uplift.

Step 2. Loosen the following bolts/nuts:
---Inner Control Arm Bushing
---Inner Radius Rod
---Trailing Arm Bushings (both ends)
---Toe Rod Bushings (both ends)
---Lower Control Arm Bushings (Inner)
---Upper Control Arm Bushings (Rearward)
---Lower Strut Bushings

Step 3.
Grab the subframes or sway bars, and jounce the car up and down a few times.

Step 4.
Tighten all of the nuts/bolts to spec.

Step 5.
Align the car at the new ride height.

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