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Emblem Pros Underhood Bowtie

Install Difficulty by Age: 11+ years old
Install Time: 15 minutes
Tools needed: plastic trim removal tool (but can be done without)

First step, open your hood. I'm not going to explain that part, and honestly if you can't open your hood After you got the hood open it is pretty easy from here on out. Just use your trim removal tool to pop out the 8 plastic push rivets that are holding the lining in place.

Pics of the removed liner and Kaylee's naked hood. *Cue the Barry White music*

Now I was a bit hesitant to put the bowtie on the liner, and this is only because I had no idea if what I was about to do was correct or not. Needless to say, I did it right. You line up the bowtie and then just push it. I worked one screw at a time and push slowly until it popped out the other side of the liner.

Finished product

I think it looks good, though the garage lighting doesn't do it justice I don't think. I'll see if I can do a quick snap shot before I head out to work.
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