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Originally Posted by z28camaro2471 View Post
Honestly I can see why people would think the production version will have the ls2. Every thing GM writes about the car mentions the ls2. They should just say it will have an optional high horse v8.

Have we been told otherwise by the fbodfather himself? Well yes, I think so. But again, I think they need to remove the ls2 reference from their literature.

Just my .02.
I don't remember if Scott ever said specifically "No LS2", but there are a few pretty bold clues that it won't be there.

Obviously, as Dragon said above, the LS2 is dead and out-dated. Why put something like that in the Camaro?

As stated, GM puts LS2 in every piece of mainstream literature about the Camaro. This is because every piece of mainstream literature about the Camaro is about the Concept Camaro. However, when referencing the production Camaro, they refuse to tell us anything. If there were going to be an LS2 in there, why would Scott refuse to tell us after all these fliers. It's just NOT going to happen.

Scott has told us to forget what we think we know about engines, so I try not to even bother guessing what's going to go in there. I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised:

The LS2 is 400 HP + they are not going to use the LS2 + they are going to replace the engine with something better =

P.S. Dragon, I think you need this smiley in your post above:
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