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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
I just had it re tuned down to 650 rwhp down from 732 rwhp for exactly that reason. I wanted more streetablility and to keep the tranny, driveshaft and rear end in place until I can upgrade those components. At this level it drives just like a stock SS until I stick my foot in it and then there is no mistake that the torque and HP throw it forward with unmistakable vigor. My milage on our last rally which was from Denver to South Park (where cartman is from) up and over Hooser pass elevation 12,000 ft down thru Breckenridge and back up and over Loveland Pass elevation 12,000 ft and back to Denver. 242 miles round trip and averaged 22.5 miles per gallon. On flat land trips I am averaging 26 MPG. Now keep in mind 650 RWHP=750 Crank HP. There is no way to mimmick the magnetic suspension and that is clearly a nice upgrade and no one will be competing with that on the street. Can a aftermarket suspension be better? In terms of performance I think so but not in terms of overall streetable and quiet performance.
I think another side benefit of ZL1 coming along are the components that someone might be able to bolt-up to their SS. A hardened tranny, driveshaft, differential, and axle shafts could be quite reasonably priced swaps I imagine. Considering how much aftermarket equivalents cost (though I'm sure they won't have the ultimate strength of these components either), how many people are really going to push those to their edge anyway. Just seeing the size of the rear pumpkin on ZL1 a couple months ago just makes me think they're going to be stout, and adding a differential girdle or something of the like would make them very worthy swaps. You'll have more choices when it comes time to upgrade the rest of your powertrain to match that power you had to dial back a little. JMHO. Sorry to off track a little.

I do want to say that that MPG is quite outstanding considering your mods'. I'm sure your driving technique contributes to those numbers, but it looks like your tuner deserves some kudos for excellent tuning.

I sense a fair amount of animosity on this subject. Maybe it's because I'm looking for it or something. I'm not talking about anyone specifically, but just noticing people coming over to this Section and talking about mod'd SSs stomping all over ZL1 is almost like the Mustang guys coming over to talk about how their GTs and 500s dominate our beloved cars. And I'm not trying to imply that no one other than ZL1-people come in or post in here; not at all. Just debating a mod'd car vs a stock car doesn't make too much sense. If we go that way, then I want to ask comparing the value of a mod'd car vs a stock car.

Anyways - I'm sorry for going off topic a little. I have to admit it starts to get a little frustrating see some people try to justify what their doing in what sometimes seems like an effort to deminish others enthusiasm for this car. I'm probably just being a baby or something. Carry on, and let's remember what's important: We have other cars to beat up on out there j/k


Originally Posted by MY68RS View Post
I heard that! Ain't it the truth?....Dec/Jan can't get here fast enough
I can't wait for you guys to start getting your cars. I'm going to be bugging all of you for many pictures
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