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Originally Posted by Nate76 View Post
My auto v6 has an engine vibration when driving at low Rpms usually around the 1100-1200 mark. It's like it's in too low of a gear. Almost like the engine is lugging. It will disappear when I give it enough gas. Was following the thread on this site regarding this issue with others who were having the same problem but can no longer find it?? Any help would be appreciated.
There have been several posts on this. Jeff Morris from Chev Cust Serv has been involved. It seems no dealer or cust serv has come up with any fix. Most agree with you that it is in too high of a gear. Like 6th when it should be 5th. When I use "S" or manual and keep it out of 6th I have no vibration, but when it hits 6th, same problem, vibration. I guess we have to live with it.
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