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Originally Posted by The BIRDman View Post
okay, well thanks CamaroSpike23 for being a dick and im sorry i gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you could actually interpret what i was actually saying because you know damn well that if gm announced the camaro's specs to 435hp and 428trq, you'd be happy instead of saying "aw im not going to notice a change". performance is performance and if i have have to pay to loose performance. and thats the only reason im asking about the manual trans.
Seriously, the Auto is .1 sec quicker 0-60 and .1 sec slower in the 1/4 mile. That's not losing performance.

It's absolutely relevant. According to your OP, it seems you would rather drive an Auto. And the reason you give for this is due to performance.

If you've never driven a standard, I would suggest you get one but like some of the others said, learn on something else first. Manuals are much more fun to drive. For some of us, the thrill was gone a long time ago though.
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