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So i'm thinking ssome stuff up... I seem to do a lot of that lol..

Since I already have a cat-back.. why not just buy the SLP LM1 Resonator off of their website, have the local muffler shop cut the Magnaflow muffler off and weld in the resonator? Can this be done? I know I will have to get an adapter of some sort(which they will probably have) to bring the pipe in to the resonator and to go to the passsenger side pipe.. I just love my tips i have and didnt wanna give them up..

For the SLP LM1 cat-back i will be paying about $400, versus this $80 and probably $50-100 at the muffler shop, so prob around $150 or so...

What do you think, and will it work?

Thanks. BTW I LOVE my stripe.. Can't wait to get it painted!
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