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Originally Posted by Bulldogwinters View Post
I dunno, you'll just need to worry about the section of pipe where the muffler was.. traditionally the LM resonator is placed before the axle, so if you cut out the muffler and splice the resonator in before the axle you would just need to worry about getting that fixed up.

quick question.. your stripe is vinyl correct? where did you get it, and how much did it cost you? lol
Well if I did put it before the axle I'm sure they can weld a piece of pipe that goes between the two tips. Like it comes out of the single pipe into like a Y with one going towards the passenger tip, then the other leading into the pipe that goes to the drivers side tip..

and yes it is vinyl. Here is the link to the place.

I think total it was about 70 bucks with shipping.. Not bad.. compared to Hawks wanting $100...
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