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Originally Posted by MINI HLK View Post
Its not when I am out in the public. It is this site and seeing the same SS owners being rude in posts. In public I understand not waving back, that is no real big deal.

I know I should chill and read the less offensive posts. So will do.
In public I get plenty of respect from SS owners. Even on this site I do.. like you said, it's the few that have the "I'm better than you" attitude. Sad really.

All that matters is I love my Camaro. I bought the exact car that I wanted. Not the exact "Camaro" that I wanted, but the car that I wanted with every single option that I wanted. The car of my dreams is sitting in my driveway. No other car on this planet would make me happier than the badass Camaro I have sitting out front right now.

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