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Originally Posted by REEFBLUE93 View Post
Good job investigating and playing around with the car, seriously. I had read what some V6 owners were saying about the A6 and the low speed issues. I thought it sounded like what my car will do cruising into our neighborhood. I do 30mph or less, that's right between 1st and 2nd and it will "shudder" like what's been described.

As for your grammar, I did mention this to you in another thread but nobody else said a word. I didn't want to get dinged for mentioning it a second time. I will reiterate, you are a very open and honest person.
i stand by what i stated its the codeing my biggest guess is its trying to save you gas and thus trying to climb though the gears too fast boging down the car

why i asked Jeff into this call his GM tech people speak to them reguarding this matter

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