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I have a 11 convertible Camaro 2 SS 6.2 automatic w/ power issues. I babied it for the first 1,100 miles i.e. under 4,000 RPM and varied speed. Waited long enough- took 5 months to get to 1,100 miles since this isn't my daily driver (sunny days and weekends only). Test drove a 2SS coupe ealier this yr and through me back in my seat and expected the same from mine- didn't happen. Took it into the dealer, but no warning codes so they are looking into it. Also in contact w/ Regional Service Tech about the issue. Test drove another 2SS coupe 2 days ago to see if maybe I was over imagining the poper. Half way down on the pedal of the coupe and the back end broke loose- only 52 miles on the car. I can put my foot to the floor in mine and not even a chirp. Same process for both for the test drives- hold down the button to exit out of traction and stability controls. I've tried pulling the #5 & 20 fuses- no change. I've even tried disconnecting the battery to in an attempt to reset the computer- No change.

I've read all the threads, but don't see anyone with similar issues. Summers almost over and I would like to enjoy the car before it gets put away for winter. Currenlty waiting for the dealer or Corp. to come up with a solution.
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