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Any speculation on how well the new camaro is going to handle? I never had many problems with my 96 Z28 but after driving sportscars for the last 6 years im spoiled on handling and its likly to be the main factor in weather I get the camaro or not.

If its as much understeer monster at the race track as the old F-bodies I'll have to pass. I used to get around it on the street and autocross track by brake drifting but you can't do that at race speed on a track.

There has been really good reviews of the G8 handling by topgear in the form of the vxr8 and some other places so I'm hoping that the camaro comes with handling a few steps better than what has been available before. It seems that the recent independent rear cars have come with some good praise but will it hold its own on the track after suspension mods against cars like the c5 vette and 350z.
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