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Luckly the driving dynamice of 3rd and 4th gen F-bodies are hardwired into my soul. Sit me down in a 5 speed Iroc and its like the comfort of the whomb.

Ive just gotten more picky with handling I think. My 87 handled great with polygraphite bushings and a firebird formula 350 rear swaybar from the junkyard. I have just developed a severe hatred for understeer.

I remember when I drove the mustang GT and I was like OMG this is horrible!! I don't think the 235 crap perelli's it comes with help much either. Luckly the camaro has always handled better than the mustang since the camaro is for enthusiests and the mustang is for kids and non motorheads. hopefully GM is willing to deal with a few ladys complaining about how its hard to get into and make it for the rest of us.
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