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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
NT555Rs are a ton better than regular street tires when heated up at the track. But they need a nice long burnout to get them softened up.

Yes, 18" wheels with MTs would work a lot better, but that requires a second set of wheels/tires and you have to take the time to change out your wheels everytime you go to the track.

The NT555Rs are all we've got for a daily driver drag radial. We're still waiting for the 305/35/20 MTs to come out (supposed to be any day now). But they will not make a good daily driver tire, but it will give us another 20" drag radials option along with the 315 NT05Rs.
What's everyone doing for air pressure on the 20" Nitto DR's? I had no idea so I stuck them @ 18psi, and which netted some 1.7 60' times...we're trying to dial in some other stuff or else we would've played with the air pressure.
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