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Here are my Slotted Rotors

Picture of my Brake Pads (I know very exciting!)

Here are the calipers before I painted them. I just don’t like that nasty color they are. No idea what color it is called either. Plus having the word Chevrolet and Brembo seems a little much so I did away with both.

Here is after I painted them with 900 degree caliper paint. Took forever to mask off and get the brake lines off but it was worth it and I think they turned out pretty good. (The rest look the same this was just the best photo of them off the car at the moment)

Just dropped her off at the shop

Some boxes that were left with her

And here is my sad goodbye, but when I see her again she’ll be so much better

While she was at my shop I was passing my time by watching Top Gear (both the UK and US versions) and trying to sort out more upgrades.

Here is one that I wanted to do because I personally hate chrome on cars. I just don’t like the look on mine, some cars it looks good but not if I own it. This is what my license plate looked like before

And here it is after

Here are the pieces I used

-Automotive TouchUP Adhesion Promoter
-Automotive TouchUp IOM Basecoat
-Automotive TouchUp Clearcoat
-Automotive TouchUp White Paint Pen

I'll probably paint a few more things too. I’m thinking of painting the black cover pieces under the boot that are right above the taillight bezels. And I am going to paint my bezels, just wouldn’t be able to do all four with the paint I have left over.

Photos of her completed!! (sorry it’s been raining all day, will have way better photos when I get back to campus)

Her at the lot at my body shop

Installed after I took the photos lol

Well the summer has come to a close and so have my upgrades. I hope you enjoyed the journey from the top of the page to the bottom, if you’ve read all of the captions that is! But the mod bug has hit me too hard and I know I have a problem but I want to make my car mine so I’m almost there…Sort of, so stay tuned.

Like always comments are welcomed and some things might not agree with everyone but it’s the internet, hater’s are going to hate.

~Two Worlds Racing

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