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Originally Posted by yourbassist View Post
Not to be rude because I'm a fan of both the new Camaro and Challenger but I want the Camaro first and I know that I spend some time on this forum looking around but have made no effort to find any extra info about the Challenger other than what I read here. Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that we haven't heard as much about the Challenger because we aren't looking as hard and aren't as interested?
I've been to the Dodge Challenger forums and Dodge forums. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing in Leftlane news. I guess since they're building it on a shortened wheelbase of the Chrysler 300C chassis, they're confident that they don't need to make alot of changes or test the car too much. Not a good strategy in IMO. At least GM is working hard to get the car right. That's good sign. More testing=fewer bugs in production version.
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