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Originally Posted by bmorecam View Post
Port fueling sound interesting. maybe you should bring this up to tracy and see what his response is gretch. does anyone know how adkin did with their turbo build? I wonder how they got around the fueling issue even if they got around it
It was the very thing we talked about as an alternative. He's still considering it, but would like to keep it total DI if he can. We are both (and I'm thinking many others) convinced the next generation of V8s are going to be DI, so it is better to figure out the right way to fuel a beast now than to take a short cut (no offense to anyone). That doesn't mean we won't go that route if the other ideas don't pan out, but for now he and IPS are working a couple of ideas that will keep it completely DI.

I wish I could tell you more, but I'm not asking IPS to give me details on what they are doing ("none of my business" thing from my perspective and maybe theirs), and Tracy and I just haven't had time to talk in details about where he is with it. I'm sure once he has a good feel for what will work he'll share.
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