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Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
audi's arent that nice my cousin had one and he decided an f150 was nicer to drive around then his a4
Originally Posted by CamaroFever View Post
Yea, but I would buy an AUdi for style, not speed. I learned, racing your car is pointless, unless you are getting paid by Nascar to do it. I did that all the time with my current car and now, a few yrs down the line I have a bad transmission etc. I do not plan on racing at all in the next car that I buy (which will be the new vert Camaro), eventhough I love to do so. My girlfriend better get ready to be put on the backburner b/c im going to show this car so much love that everyone is going to think that I have a few screws loose
Exactly what he said^^^ Although the F150 has a nice interior and all... how could you possibly compare an A4 to an F150.....There is no way I would ever take a ford over an Audi (except the A3), period. Audi's have beautiful high quality interior's... but, yes I agree with lack of power on the A4..... its a slow car... but its not built for race.... its more a sports/luxury sedan with 4 wheel drive, lol. But then again I might be slightly biased

My favorite two cars right now are probably the new Audi A5/S5 and obviously the Camaro5.

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