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It would be a whole lot easier to cruise if I had an automatic, but at my age, my left foot gets damn tired real quick in a moving parking lot.

Had a blast last night, and I'm looking forward to Saturday's parade. I might cruise a bit after the parade, but it'll depend on just how much of a parking lot it becomes.

I will say that cruising yesterday was a whole lot more civilized than the Dowriver cruise was a month or two ago.

Even with the large collection of Chevy's in one massive group with all the horsepower (esp the Vetts), I never heard anyone light the tires up.

We accelerated a bit briskly from time to time, but still everyone was on their best behaviour. Of course the frequent appearance of various LEO's may have had an influence.

the Downriver cruise on the other hand was total chaos with people lighting their tire up left and right. Between the people in front spitting rubber chunks onto your hood, and the ones in back of you threatening to climb up your bumper as they do thier burnouts......
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