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My New 2012 2SS Coupe #14

I'm new to this forum, but, thought to update you guys on the 2012 Camaro improvements, and WARNINGS!!

I now own the #14 2012 Camaro 2SS..

I also owned a 2010 2SS, which was bought this past February as a 2010 "left-over", and got a great deal on it... I bought it for my wife as her Valentine's Day present... and in less than 1,000 miles, she totaled it!

So, after the insurance settlement, we went about preparing to order up a 2011..., but, I did some research (this last May 2011), and saw that GM was indeed making some sorely needed changes for 2012 -- like a passenger-side all power seat, added door-lock/unlock buttons to each armrest (but, leaving the center-dash button as well). The dash is now leather appointed the entire length, and is a very sweet looking and expensive looking upgrade. the steering wheel design is all new too, and an improvement!!

The suspension is also updated on the 2SS, to be along the lines of the upcoming ZL1's geometry (nullifying all hints of understeer).... the 6-speed automatic appears to have been reprogrammed as well -- because it definitely has a better shifinting feel to it, up and down (in full auto).

But, BEWARE... the new Pirelli Tires on the my 2012 2SS, were defective (one of them was), and get this -- there are no replacements available, ANYWHERE, even from GM!!

And, worse yet.. get this! My 2012 SS was the first one special ordered and sold from this dealership -- and they also bought only one more to come with it -- an RS convertible.

When it was clear that a replacement tire was nowhere to be found, the dealer made the decision to swap the bad one out for one on the RS (they were the same exact size, etc). Well, guess what? Another -- exact same Pirelli -- defective tire was discovered on the 2012 RS! They went through two more tires to find a good one to put on my 2012 2SS, as a replacement!!!!!!

Once done, my 2012 2SS ran and handled perfectly... But, if any of you go to test drive a 2012... get it up on the highway to about 65-75, and also be keen to the road noise at 40-45 mph.. GM has a very definite problem with these Pirellis on the 2102 2SS, and RS Camaros.

In fact, if I have yet another one on this car start to fail as the one did already, I am going to demand all 4 be replaced with an alternative high-line set of tires....

I'll post a pic of the interior when it first arrived at the dealership and at home (w/my Valentine)...

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